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Wilhelm Powerwashing continues to build on its reputation as a quality and knowledgeable exterior cleaning and maintenance services provider. Our team of professionals works within your budgetary and time requirements to deliver exceptional service. One of the key benefits of pressure washing your home is maintaining a neat exterior appearance that enhances curb appeal. However, the advantages of powerwashing are more than skin-deep.

Damage Prevention & Health Protection

When dirt, grime, moss and mold are left to build up and grow, they can cause significant damage to your health, your property and the structure’s physical integrity. As foreign substances eat away at protective coatings like paint and concrete sealant, they cause corrosion that spreads to interior surfaces. Weakened materials provide an opening for bacteria to breed through disease-carrying vermin and other pests.

Money Savings

You can prevent the inevitable build-up damage by taking advantage of a routine maintenance program through a professional pressure washing services provider. The Wilhelm Painting & Powerwashing team attacks dirt and grime by spraying 4″ to 6″ away from the surface. We can see what’s going on with your home’s exterior and report any concerns before they become costly repairs.

Wilhelm Painting & Pressure Washing

Putting the finishing touches on the American dream since 1976.

Founded in 1976, Wilhelm Painting & Pressure Washing services all of Northeast Ohio, mostly in Stark, Portage, and Summit Counties. We hire only the best power washers and painters in the industry. 

Power Washing - Before & AFter

Power Washing - Substance & Stain Removal

Many times when we get calls about a project people ask if we are able to get stains out of concrete, off of decks, patios, roofs, and more. Depending on the stain, we can usually get them out but we need to come out and take a look at it first. We remove these types of stains often: 

  • Mold
  • Dirt
  • Mildew
  • Fungus
  • Moss & More

Patio - Before & After

Driveway/Sidewalk - Before & AFter

What Makes Us Different?

Most of the other power washing companies wash your home from the ground. We get up on ladders and clean your roof and siding 4″-6″ away from the surface. This ensures that the grime is completely sprayed off rather than just rinsing off the visible dirt. 

Wilhelm Painting & Powerwashing uses safe and effective biodegradable cleaning products to remove stubborn stains and prevent mold from returning. We also include gutter cleaning with our powerwashing services.

Our team preps painted surfaces by cleaning them with a high-performance, environmentally friendly cleaning solution that’s safe for your shrubs and flowers. The attention to quality performance includes using top-of-the-line Sherwin-Williams paints.

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